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About The Band

Tawa College Jazz Band is a group of like-minded individuals who strive to extend their musical ability as a collective. We learn a mixture of jazz standards and jazzified pop songs; this keeps audiences of all tastes engaged and serves to add variety to our concerts. We are working towards a show in which we will perform 16 songs in two eight-song sets. We are lucky enough to be performing multiple student's arranged pieces at said concert.

Oscar Elias

Meet The Director

Ben Casbolt is a music teacher at Tawa College, with a passion for Jazz and Big Band music. To keep the music interesting and fun, he takes a mix of jazz standards and songs from various genres for the Jazz Band. The main goal for the group is to "enjoy what we do," there is always an element of fun to whatever the Jazz Band undertakes. Ben Casbolt has been directing the band since 2018 and will continue to push the quality of the music the jazz band performs.

Mr. Casbolt

Member Of The Month

Casper Prescott is the bass player in the jazz band. He joined in 2018. Casper is a multi-talented student. He plays multiple instruments such as bass, guitar, piano, trumpet. Casper is involved in numerous musical groups such as Jazz band, Concert band, Good Minute, Blue Notes, Acafellas, And dawn chorus. Casper also shows outstanding leadership. Casper is the section leader of the brass section in Blue Notes 2021.

Casper Prescott

Previous Performances

The Tawa College Jazz Band usually does two performances per year. However, this year the band has extended its catalog of songs and is doing a third special concert. The band most recently played in June tunes(which was delayed to July Jams). The band played Bulls On Parade, Everbody Needs Somebody, and Moondance.

Upcoming Events

TThe Jazz Band is holding its first-ever solo concert on September 10th! The band will play 16 songs at this concert ranging from jazz and big band standards to more modern arrangements of pop and rock songs.

Join The Band!

Mr. Casbolt is always looking out for new members of the band. A Jazz band is not an auditioned group; anyone can join, assuming there is a place for them.

join the band!